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Philadelphia Eagles Roster

The Philadelphia Eagles are a professional American football team from the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are part of the NFC East of the National Football League (NFL). They play at Lincoln Financial Field based in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The club was founded in 1933 as a replacement for the broken Frankford Yellow Jackets when a group led by Bert Bell secured the rights of an NFL franchise in Philadelphia. Throughout the team's history, Bell, Chuck Bednarik, Bob Brown, Reggie White, Steve van Buren, Tommy McDonald, Greasy Neale, Pete Pihos, Sonny Jurgensen and Norm van Brocklin have been inducted into the American Football Hall of Fame Professional.

Eagles fans are among the most loyal in the NFL. They are consistently ranked in the top 3 in attendance and have sold all tickets for all games since the 1999 season. In a Sports Illustrated poll of 321 NFL players, Eagles fans were selected fans More intimidating in the NFL.


In the middle of the 1931 season, the Frankford Yellow Jackets broke and ceased operations. After more than a year of searching for a suitable replacement, the NFL granted an expansion franchise to a consortium led by Bert Bell and Lud Wray. The Bell-Wray association had to pay an enrollment fee of $ 3,500 (equivalent to $ 38,769 today) and assumed a total debt of $ 11,000 owed to three other NFL franchises. With the inspiration of the National Recovery Administration's badge (a blue eagle) - the centerpiece of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal - 7 Bell and Wray named the new Philadelphia Eagles franchise.

Throughout their first decade, the Eagles had to endure several bad seasons. In 1943, when the shortage of personnel derived from World War II, made it impossible to complete the equipment. As a method of that situation, the team merged with the Pittsburgh Steelers forming the "Phil-Pitt Eagles" and known as the "Steagles".

In the late 1940s, head coach Earle Neale and runner Steve van Buren managed to lead the team to three consecutive NFL finals, winning two of them in 1948 and 1949, where they defeated the Chicago Cardinals 7-0 Under a snowstorm, and Los Angeles Rams 14-0 respectively. Those two championships harvested by the Eagles, places them like the unique equipment of NFL in winning two consecutive championships and to maintain the marker to.

In 1960, the Eagles won their third NFL championship, under the leadership of future Pro Football Hall of Famer Norm van Brocklin and Chuck Bednarik; The head coach was Buck Shaw. The 1960 Eagles, with a score of 17-13, became the only team to defeat Vince Lombardi and his Green Bay Packers in the playoffs.

The Bad Years (1961-1979)

The Eagles had a good season in 1961, the exact opposite of the 1962 season. Jerry Wolman, after consulting his old friend Brandon Sturrock, bought the franchise in 1963 from "Happy Hundred," a group of investors who owned Of the team from 1949 to 1963. The purchase materialized for $ 5,505 million ($ 42,406,451 today).

In 1969, Leonard Tose purchased the Philadelphia Eagles of Wolman for $ 16,155,00010 ($ 103,893,362 today), which set the record for buying a professional sports franchise. Tose's first order as owner was to dismiss coach Joe Kuharich after a nefarious 24-41-1 record during his five years as a coach.

With the merger of the NFL and the AFL in 1970, the Eagles were placed in the NFC East with their archrivals, the New York Giants, 11 12 Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys.

In 1976, Dick Vermeil was hired as a coach for the Eagles, who until then had only one positive season from 1962 to 1975.13 Beginning in 1978, coach Dick Vermeil and quarterback Ron Jaworski led the team to four consecutive appearances In the playoffs.

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