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New York Jets Point Spreads 2018

New York Jets Roster

The New York Jets are a professional American football team from New York City, New York. They are part of the East AFC of the National Football League (NFL). They play at MetLife Stadium based in the city of East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Since its inception, the Jets have won four division titles (two from the AFL and two from the NFL), one AFL Championship (1968) and one Super Bowl (III). They are the first original equipment of the AFL that first has gained a Super Bowl.


Harry Wismer, a New York City representative, proclaimed that the state was ready to host another professional football team at the American Football League (AFL) meeting on August 14, 1959. Wismer was Granted the equipment license; New York Titans. Wismer noted that "the titans are bigger and stronger than the giants."

The Titans went into bankruptcy until the league itself took over its debt. This fact made a union formed by five men, headed by Sonny Werblin, had to buy the equipment by $ 1 million dollars. Werblin renamed the team to the current Jets, since Shea Stadium was near LaGuardia Airport.

It was Weeb Ewbank (1963-1973)

After the change of name, the Jets hired Weeb Ewbank as general manager and coach.4 Ewbank came from the rival league; The National Football League (NFL). He came to the Jets having been NFL champion with the Baltimore Colts in 1958 and 1959, and was named Coach of the Year in 1958.

In the 1965 AFL draft, the Jets chose Joe Namath in the first round (ranked 1). With him as a quarterback and under Ewbank, the Jets won the division titles in the 1968 and 1969 seasons, later winning the league title against the Oakland Raiders 27-23, and the Super Bowl III against the Baltimore Colts 16-7 in 1968. In 1969, the Jets lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional playoffs.

It was Rex Ryan (2009-2014)

Rex Ryan came to the Jets in January 2009, replacing Eric Mangini.

With Ryan, the Jets reached the playoffs in their first two seasons. In 2009, the Jets beat the Cincinnati Bengals and San Diego Chargers in wild cards and divisional races, respectively, to then fall to the AFC championship against the Indianapolis Colts. In the following season, they repeated the process again before the Colts and New England Patriots, falling this time before the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC championship.

Raising a record of 46 wins and 50 losses, Ryan was fired on December 29, 2014, despite his players' desire to continue.9 Since his departure, the Jets have not qualified again for the playoffs.

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