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The Cleveland Browns is an American football team playing in the AFC North of the NFL. They are based in Cleveland, Ohio.


The Cleveland Browns were born, owner Arthur McBride, in 1946 to play in the newly created All-America Football Conference. The fans chose for the team the name of Panthers, but it was ruled out because there was already a failed football team with that name, after re-summoning the fans got elected the name of Browns, the coach Paul Brown was not very Agreeing that the team was named as him, but in the end gave his consent for the name of the team was Browns in his honor.

The Browns won all four AAFC titles, going undefeated for almost two seasons (29 games), accumulating 18 straight wins. Cleveland showed great support for the Browns from the outset, setting record attendance figures, and forcing the NFL franchise in the city, the Rams, to move to Los Angeles.

In 1970 the NFL-AFL union would move the Steelers, Colts and Browns to the American Football Conference, the latter in the Central Division. The team would end up with a 7-7 balance with no playoff options. In 1971, before the start of the season HC Blanton Collier left the post for health reasons and his place was occupied by Nick Skorich, with him he achieved a mark of 9-5 and the title of the Central Division, but in the playoff Divisional were easily eliminated by the Baltimore Colts (20-3).

With Mike Phipps as QB in 1972 the Browns scored a 10-4 score that would give them the Wild Card spot, about to spoil the Dolphins' "perfect season", but the Miamiers got back up and out Finally the party. In 1973 despite DL Jerry Sherk's good season, Phipps pitched 9 TDs and 20 interceptions, and no runner managed more than 600 yards. The team finished 7-5-2 and out of playoffs.

In 1974 between Phipps and rookie Brian Sipe added 10 TDs and 24 interceptions, for the first time in history Cleveland finished with negative balance (4-10) and Nick Skorich had to leave the post. Despite the arrival of Forrest Greg as H.C. Things would not improve in 1975 and the negative balance would be repeated (3-11).

In 1976, with Brian Sipe as starting QB, the Browns would finish 9-5 although it would not be enough to make the playoffs. In 1977 things started well but they were twisted to injure Sipe, to finish 6-8 and with the march of Forrest Greg.

In 1978 the post of H.C. Fell to Sam Rutigliano, Sipe pitched 21 TDs and the career game (led by Greg Pruitt and Mike Pruitt) would achieve more than 2500 yards, however, factors such as weak pass defense caused a final balance of 8-8. In 1979 Sipe threw 28 TDs and 26 interceptions, and the defense continued giving too many options to the rivals, to finish the season 9-7. During this period the team was nicknamed the "Kardiac Kids" because of the large number of games played.

In 1980 Sipe was MVP in the league and the OL had three Pro Bowl players, winning the 11-5 division and playing their first playoff game in eight years against the Oakland Raiders. With just seconds to go, Cleveland was in the field-goal area and losing 14-12. Then they asked for time-out, Sipe consulted with Rutigliano, and the Browns executed the RED RIGHT 88 (which would go down in history) in which Sipe sought TE Ozzie Newsome in the Oakland end-zone, but was intercepted and Cleveland's eliminated . The fact that the field-goal will not be played directly is because his kicker, Dan Cockroft, had already missed two and two extra points (one blocked and one due to a bad snap). In 1981 the Browns resented this blow and finished 5-11, although Newsome would go to the Pro Bowl.

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