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Chicago Bears Point Spreads 2018

Chicago Bears Roster

The Chicago Bears is a professional American football team from the city of Chicago, Illinois. They are part of the NFC North of the National Football League (NFL). They play at Soldier Field based in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

The Bears have won nine NFL championships and a Super Bowl, and is one of the most retired numbers players in the Professional Football Hall of Fame. The Bears also have the most regular season record in overall number of wins than any other NFL franchise


Before the AFL-NFL merger, the Bears won eight NFL championships.

In 1921, the Bears (known then as Staleys) won their first league title against the Buffalo All-Americans 10-7.

The Bears won two consecutive leagues in 1932 and 1933; The former with a league record of 7-1-6, and the second in the final against the New York Giants 23-21. They would do the same in the 1940s and 1941s. In the 1940s, they won the Washington Redskins in the final with a 73-0 demolisher (the highest victory in NFL history), 4 and in 1941 again to the Giants For 37-9.

In 1943, 1946 and 1963, the Bears completed all eight leagues they have, making them the second team to have more league titles (only behind the Packers, with 11)

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