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Football Betting Glossary


- A bet on any game of any amount.

Added Game

- A betting line that is added that is not part of the regular Las Vegas rotation posted as an accomodation for customers. They usually involve smaller schools.


- Against The Spread. Means you are taking points (i.e. -3) rather than betting with the spread. Handicapping previews will show a teams record ATS to see how often they have covered the spread.


- To risk something on the outcome of an event.


- Shortform for Sportsbook or an establishment that takes bets on the outcome of sporting events.


- A person who accepts bets.


- Referred to as a Bookie. A person or company who accepts a bet.


- A sports betting slang term meaning that you are betting $100 a wager.

Buy (Points)

- You can pay additional price to recieve a half point or more in your favor on a point spread.

Canadian Line

- Also referred to as a Puck Line. Combination of Point Spread and Moneyline.


- A betting slang term for Favorite.

Chalk Player

- A bettor who usually bets on favorites and rarely bets on underdogs.

Circled Game

- A game with lowered bet limits and betting options to reduce betting action on the game to reduce risk to the bookmaker. Also referred to as a Red Circle box. This usually happens when their is uncertainty in a game due to injuries, weather and added games. Cannot include in parlays and teaser wagers.


- A point spread win.

Dime Bet

- A betting slang term for a $1000 bet.


- A betting line where the difference between the favorite and underdog on the moneyline is 10 cents (Yankees -130, Red Sox +120). The Dimeline is used in Baseball betting to attract betting action.


- Underdog or team not favored to win.

Dog Player

- A person who usually bets on underdogs.

Dollar Bet

- A betting slang term for $100 bet. Same as "Buck".

Even Money

- A wager when there is no juice or vigorish. The bet odds are 1/1 or +100.

Exotic Wager

- Any wager other than a Straight Bet or Parlay (i.e. Teasers, Sweetheart Teasers, IF bet, Reverses and Prop bets).


- The team or entry that is expected to win the event.

Fifth Inning Line (5 inn.)

- A bet placed on only the 1st 5 innings of a baseball game.

Fifty Cents

- A betting slang term for a $50 bet.

First Half Bet (1H)

- A bet placed on only the first half of a football or basketball game. The score at halftime is used to settle wagers.


- Betting Odds posted in advance of future sporting events.

Getting Value

- Getting the best odds on betting line.

Grand Salami

- The Total(Over/Under) number of goals scored in all the hockey games played on a particular day.


- When your wager is settled and the amount is put into your account.

Half a Dollar

- Betting slang for a $50 wager.

Half Time Bet (2H)

- A wager place on the second half of a basketball or football game.


- A person who analyses sporting information and makes a prediction on the outcome of the event.


- Predicting the outcome of an event.


- The total amount bets take on a sporting event.


- A sports betting strategy that involves betting on both sides of an event to minimize losses or guarantee a minimum amount of winnings.


- A half point that is added to football or basketball betting lines through buying points. Referred to as buying the "hook".

Hot Game

- A game that is drawing a lot of game by professional handicappers.


- The bookmakers commission which is also known as the "vigorish". The standard juice is 10%.

Laying the Points

- Taking the favorite in a point spread betting line.


- The cap on the betting amout for an event.


- The current betting odds on a particular event. Lines are updated in real time.


- Person at a bookmaker who establishes the original betting line and the subsequent betting lines.


- A sporting team that is unlikely to win.


- To bet both sides of a sporting event at different prices with the chance of winning both bets. Known as "middle the game" when you win.


- Mixed Martial Arts.


- Betting odds where your wager is settled by which team wins. For example Moneyline New York Giants -120 means NY Giants are a favorite and the payout odds are you need to bet $120 to win $100. The underdog Moneyline on the Miami Dolphins +120 means that for every $100 bet you would win $120.

Nickel Line

- The juice or vigorish on the betting line is 5%. Also known as reduced juice.


- Betting slang for a $500 wager.

No Action

- When a bet is cancelled because the event did not happen (i.e. rain out in MLB). All money is returned to bettor.


- The likelihood of the a betting outcome expressed in odds.

Off The Board

- When the betting line is taken down and the bookmaker is no longer accepting bets on an event.


- The same as a linemaker.

One Dollar

- Betting slang for a $100 wager.

Opening Line

- The first betting line posted for a sporting event.


- A wager where you bet on the combined scores of both teams will be above a specified Total.


- A bet on two or more teams in which all the teams must win to receive a higher payout. If one of the teams loses then your wager is graded a loss.

Pick 'em

- When neither team is favored on a betting line. Also called a "Pick" on the sports betting line.

Point Spread

- The handicap, or margin of victory that is given by the linesmaker between two opponents for betting purposes.


- A larger than normal wager.


- The point spread or moneyline odds.

Prop (Proposition) Bet

- A wager on two or more outcomes not related to the final score of the event. Prop bets are usually posted in a Moneyline fashion on players, sports, politics, celebrities and other topics.


- When neither side wins the wager. Original risk amount or wager is returned to the bettor.

Quarter Line (1Q, 2Q, 3Q, 4Q)

- A bet placed on the a specific quarter in football or basketball.

Reverse Bet

- Two IF bets placed by you.


- Wager amount or the amount bet on a game.

Round Robin

- A convenient way to place multiple parlays quickly.

Run Down

- All the betting lines quoted for a specific date sport and time.

Run Line

- Baseball's version of the Point Spread.


- For sports betting a sharp is considered a professional or experienced bettor.


- The two teams playing the event.


- A straight wager.


- A company that accepts bets.


- Same as Point Spread. The differential expected between two opponents that is posted by the linemaker.


- A novice in sports betting.

Standard Line

- When the betting line is -110 for both sides. It is assumed that a standard line has 10% juice.


- When a betting line moves rapidly and is re posted because a mass of bettors are drawn to it.


- The amount of a bet.

Staight Bet

- A wager on a a single event or game.

Staight Up(SU) Bet

- Winning a wager without the point spread. Also known as a moneyline wager.

Sweetheart Teaser

- A special teaser that combines 3 or 4 football or basketball wagers where you can adjust the Total or Point spread in your favor.

Taking The Points

- Betting the underdog on the Point Spread.

Taking The Price

- Betting the underdog on the Moneyline.


- A special type of parlay where you can increase the Point Spread or Total in your favor for a reduced payout odds.


- A wager.


- Also known as a Push. Risk amount of wager is returned to the bettor.


- The combined final score of both teams in a sporting event. Includes overtime.

Totals Bet

- A wager on the Total score of both team on the over/under of a posted line.


- A person who sells their services as a sports handicapper.


- A wager on the combined score of both teams where the Total will be under a certain value.


- The team that is expected to lose the event. Also known as the "dog".


- Means getting the best possible odds on a betting event.

Vig or Vigorish

- The bookmaker's commission. Also known as the "juice" which is assumed to be 10% on a losing wager.


- To risk money on an outcome of an event. Known as a bet.

Wise Guy

- A successful sports bettor.

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