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The name of Super Bowl was proposed by Lamar Hunt, owner of the Kansas City Chiefs and founder of the AFL, in front of the proposal, perhaps less occurring, of the commissioner of the NFL, that proposed "The big one" as it baptized for the end Of the tournament that faced both leagues. Lamar Hunt explained that his idea came to him after seeing his son play with a bouncing ball called "Super ball" while "Bowl" was a term used to refer to the trophy By the winner of the university leagues. In this way, when obtaining more good visas the term "Super Bowl", this was the tax, with some doubts, to refer to the great American football final.

However, these doubts were dissolving as the competition grew with such a name, which took a certain appreciation of all the fans and professionals of the discipline.

The first final, which saw the AFL and NFL, was played in Los Angeles on January 15, 1967. It faced the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Pay Packers and turned out to be an exciting match that drew a lot of people to the Memorial Coliseum to see how A very young Bart Starr became the first MVP of the competition making a star game and being decisive to decant the victory for Lombardi's team, the Green Pay Packers by a resounding 35-10.

The same story occurred in the second edition of the Super Bowl, which faced the current winners with Oakland Raiders, in this case with a somewhat less bulging but equally exaggerated score of 33-14 and with the Starr quaterback again as star player And MVP at the Orange Bowl in Miami. Those two editions would mark the beginning of one of the most traditionally American competitions in history in the most consumed sport in North America. The next two editions continued to be played between the two great American leagues, who until 68 had seen how the NFL, through the Green Pay Packers, took the competition. In 1969 changed the tendency being an activist of the AFL, the New York Nets, that gained to Baltimore Colts, of the NFL. The following year, in 1970 the AFL tied in number of Super Bowls gained thanks to losers of the first edition, Kansas City Chiefs. This was the last edition played between two leagues.

Development and big stars

From 1971, the Super Bowl began to face the American conference, formerly AFL, and the national conference, former NFL, within the National Football League (NFL). It was also that year when it was decided to baptize the trophy given to the winner of the Super Bowl. It has since been named after Vince Lombardi, in honor of the late coach of the Green Pay Packers of Wisconsin, who died a cancer victim. Lombardi was the first coach to win the Super Bowl, repeating in the second edition with the Green Pay team. The fact that he won the first two editions of SuperBowl made him a symbol of American football, and especially of that new competition. His death caused a great shock in those who had enjoyed the great game he knew to deploy, so it was decided to give his name to the trophy given to the Super Bowl champion team.

The first edition of the renovated tournament faced the Baltimore Colts, for the National Conference, and the Dallas Cowboys, for the American Conference. They were the first who got the most adjusted victory so far in a final. The Dallas Cowboys would proclaim champions a year later in 1972. Behind them, in 73 and 74, were the Miami Dolphins who equalized the Green Pay Packers by winning two consecutive Super Bowls. While the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to match the milestone at 75 and 76. The Cowboys did the same by winning their second Super Bowl in 78 and could extend it in the final of 79, when they faced the Steelers, however it was Pittsburgh who were in charge To break the record, and also more. The Pennsylvania team managed to win again, two consecutive Super Bowls, in 79 and 80, which made them absolute kings with four trophies. This reign alone served for ten years, until San Francisco 49ers got their four trophies, disputed in 82, 85, 89 and 90. From 1990 to 1994 there was a third team that joined the reign of Super Bowls, was the Dallas Cowboys who added two Vince Lombardi trophies to their showcases in 1993 and 1994. It was the San Francisco team that managed to be crowned solo in 1995, leaving Steelers and Cowboys second in the table. However, in 1996 the Dallas Cowboys got their fifth win, against Steelers precisely, which meant the trophy tie with San Francisco. The classification would be tied until in the new century XXI those of Pittsburgh gave the definitive blow to the date, winning the end of 2006 and 2009, that returned to them to the first place of the classification.

The most common location in Super Bowl history has been the New Orleans Superdome, where 7 of the 47 finals played until 2013 have been played. Immediately behind are Miami's Dolphin Stadium and the Pasadena Rose Bowl, with 5 organizations each.

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