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Preseason Football Betting info

Many weekend handicappers shy away from betting on the NFL preseason. Their reasoning is based on the perception that you can't bet on NFL games that are meaningless where second and third stringers will see a lot of the playing time. The truth is that this is the only time in the football season that key information is openly available to handicappers and if you are not betting on preseason football, you are missing out on great opportunity to pad your bankroll before the real football starts. All it takes to profit is a little time spent surfing the net for information and for NFL pre-season football tips.

Pre Season Football Betting

2018 NFL Preseason Handicapping - Pre Season Football Betting

There are a number of strategies for betting preseason football that have proven to be profitable over the course of the last decade or so, since the league switched to their current four game exhibition schedule. Betting on the NFL in August is a completely different exercise than betting on the same sport a month later.

If you are betting on your own remember when it comes time for NFL preseason handicapping, unlike the regular season where the main purpose for the team is to win the game, this may not always be the case, and it is often not a necessity for a team to try and win the game. During the NFL preseason the coaches most important goals are getting players in game time situations, finding out strengths and weaknesses, deciding on starters for open positions and ultimately doing whatever it takes to get the team ready to be productive and win in the regular season.

NFL 2018 Preseason Football Betting Schedules

Preseason Week: Hall of Fame
Preseason Spreads Week 1
Preseason Spreads Week 2
Preseason Spreads Week 3
Preseason Spreads Week 4

What you can use the last regular seasons stats for, is to see which categories teams preformed poorly in. More than likely these are weaknesses that teams will try to improve on. A team that had a dreadful rushing attack more than likely will be concentrating on rushing the ball throughout the preseason in hopes of better success in the regular season. Just as teams will weak passing attacks will probably be throwing the ball at will, in anticipation of improvement in the passing game. These are all things to account for when assessing preseason football predictions.

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